Just one clip will leave you with no doubt that Noah Wyle is an alien-fighting badass

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In case you had any doubts about Noah Wyle's ability to tackle the ongoing alien invasion and take the world back from the six-legged bastards in Falling Skies, this clip ought to put them to rest.

Spoilers ahead...

Tom Mason (Wyle) takes down an alien single-handed, using Pope's secret leg-shooting technique — but he doesn't kill the fucker. Instead, he brings it back alive, and drags it into the humans' HQ, leaving a trail of alien blood and astonished human witnesses. Now, at last, the humans have a prisoner of war — but what are they going to do with it?


Equally importantly, what are we about to learn about these aliens, now that one of them is living among our people? There's a very startling hint at the very end of the episode that the "harnessed" children aren't just slaves of the aliens... but they share some kind of consciousness. At least, that's what the universal language of "two apparently unrelated creatures open their eyes at the same instant" seems to be telling us.