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If there's ever a night to let the moon hit your eye like a big pizza pie, it's amore tonight. If you go gaze into the abyss over head this evening, you'll be treated to a supermoon,

It's a pretty self-explanatory concept (supermoon = big moon = duh) but the reason behind it is that we're getting a full moon at the same time that our lovely little lunar body happens to be the closest to Earth on its elliptical orbit. It's the coalescence of two separate cycles. NASA's got a good explainer on the ins and outs:

So if for some reason you need a reason to venture outside this evening and glance ever-so-slightly upwards to perhaps notice a heavenly body, there you have it. And if you happen to take any particularly poetic pictures, be sure to drop 'em below.


Image by javi.velazquez/Creative Commons

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