Keep Your iPad (Almost) As Cool As Your Beer

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Ok, so it may come with a stylus, but Ten One Design's Particle Case manages to keep the iPad from overheating—something that may be plaguing your experience.


As much as we shit on styluses, the inbuilt Pogo Sketch stylus is actually intended for drawing in the many creative apps available, or for note-taking. It's got a little clip for keeping it safe, which shouldn't contribute much to the overall weight (said to be pretty light). The reason it helps keep the heat down is due to the open-back, which doesn't suffocate the shell, containing the heat. On sale now, for $35. [Ten One via CrunchGear]



Being required to use a stylus is shit. Having the option is great. I have an Eco Vue case for my iPad, and I keep a Pogo stylus clipped on it for art, handwritten notes, and marking up PDFs. Its great.