KEF fivetwo Series: Two Speakers, Sounds Like Five

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If you're looking for a pair of speakers that can do the same thing five speakers normally do, KEF's fivetwo series can surround you with sound with just two swanky-looking audio towers. Their cool euro design and the fact that you only need two of them instead of a roomful of speakers appealed to a lot of the ladies at the 2006 IFA in Berlin.

The surround sound effect is achieved by using side-facing SurfaceSound panels by NXT, coupled with drivers that KEF calls Uni-Q. Those side-firing SurfaceSound panels create left and right ambient effects, while the Uni-Q drivers deliver the left, center and right channels up front.

Available this fall, the seven-driver Model 7 will be 600/pair ($1143), and the eleven-speaker Model 11 pictured here will be 1,100/pair ($2097).


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