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Keyspan RF Remote for Windows Vista Sees Through Walls

Illustration for article titled Keyspan RF Remote for Windows Vista Sees Through Walls

Use this Keyspan RF (radio frequency) remote to control your Windows Vista PC from 90 feet away, a distance the company takes great glee in exclaiming is three times the distance of infrared remotes. You just plug that USB receiver into your PC, and you're good to go, remote-controlling all those movie files you've ripped off, or even the scant few you've bought, with the greatest of ease. How would we use such a thing?


In our home theater, we like having the PC tucked away in the server closet in the next room, completely out of earshot but still close enough for its cable to reach the projector. Since this Keyspan RF remote can see through walls like some sort of electro-Superman, it will give us a computer viewing experience that's decidedly TV-like. It might be worth a try for $49. [Keyspan]

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