Kickback-Accused Apple Exec Stuffed $150,000 in Shoeboxes at Home

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Prosecutors in the case against Apple's Paul Devine—accused of taking $1 million in payola from Asian parts suppliers—say they found $150,000 in shoeboxes at his home. Investigators are now looking for the rest, at home and abroad.

The prosecution says they've already identified two suspicious safety deposit boxes in the US, along with "a significant number of accounts overseas and a significant amount of money." Devine has been ordered to transfer his foreign holdings, and surrender his and his wife's passports, lest they abscond with whatever other hidden cash is lying around. Devine has pleaded not guilty, but an even more surefire way of exonerating yourself is not being found with $150,000 stored in shoeboxes. [MacWorld]
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Wait...kickbacks are not legal? But, but, but...we thought this was how things got done.

Oh, it confused with politics. Our ex-gov friend from Ill was talking about politics.