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Kids Invent Vanishing Nail Polish to Dodge School Rules

Illustration for article titled Kids Invent Vanishing Nail Polish to Dodge School Rules

What would you do if your school's ban on makeup meant you couldn't show off your nail art? You'd get your chemistry set out and invent a new UV-reactive polish that was near-invisible indoors, but was bright and colorful when you're outside lessons, wouldn't you? Well, you would if you were a group of students in Salford in the UK. Designed in collaboration with the local University, the product is scheduled for release soon in 32 colors inspired by local brickwork. Neat hey? No word on whether the school actually allowed them to get away with wearing it, though. [Daily Mail]


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Ban on make up? wtf? I see no useful purpose in that at all. Seems a really stupid way to homogenize everyone into a stepford student. Where there is no individual self expression, creativity is stifled.