Do you remember the first time you ate an olive? It probably turned you off from anything that had an olive in it until you started drinking martinis. Such is the way certain foods are when you're young. Anything vegetable related? Bleh. Anything too strong or spicy tasting? Ahh! But as you grow up, you realize everything is delicious.

These poor kids were filmed in 500 frames per second while eating olives, anchovies, Vegemite, lemons and other things. It's awesome to see the true natural reaction of taste. There's no filter in it at all. Filmed by Hugh Miller, he explains how he captured the kids:

“We had about 20,000 watts of light shining on them... but you couldn't actually see any lights. It all came through this diffuse ceiling. It was like walking into a really bright room.”


And to get the kids to make eye contact with the camera, they played back what they were recording. The kids were seeing their own adorable reactions.

You can see the whole video here. Why is it that we grow up and enjoy more foods than just pizza, burgers, french fries and ice cream? Is it because our taste buds have grown up or did food just suck then. I'm going to say food just sucked back then. Screw science. [Goodfood via Neatorama]


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