Kilmatec's AirWater Machine Can Extract 5 Gallons of Water From the Air in 24 Hours

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According to Kilmatec, their Base 1 AirWater Machine can extract up to 20 liters (around 5 gallons) of water from the air in a 24 hour period. Unlike a common dehumidifier, it also makes that water suitable for drinking by running it through a carbon filter and ultraviolet light chamber to eliminate any pollutants or bacteria. It can even dispense the water hot or cold. So, in essence, the Base 1 is like a water cooler that never needs refills.

If you are concerned about how much power something like this would consume, Kilmatec has answered that problem as well with a solar power option that can keep the water coming even in the harshest conditions. Five gallons in 24 hours may seem high-but that is actually a fairly common feat for a dehumidifier. Pricing information has not been made available. [Kilmatec via TRFJ via DVICE]