Kindle for Web Puts Books In Your Browser, Beautifully

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We've been able to full screen YouTube videos since the online video Stone Age, and now Amazon's giving literature the same treatment. Kindle for Web is an attractive new way to read (and buy) books right in your browser.

Amazon's had book samples forever, but Kindle for Web, joining their family of free Kindle apps for every other platform under the sun, is a new tool for reading those samples, sharing them with friends, and, if you're so inclined, buying the full text they're culled from for consumption on your Kindle, other Kindle app-ified device, or right then and there on Kindle for Web.

The new tool's got a clean, full-screenable interface—it's far better than that gallery of page images you you formerly had to click through to see samples—but the book previews can also be embedded anywhere by users, effectively turning any site into a Kindle portal (and kicking back some referral cash to the pages' owners when their visitors purchase books). Ebooks! They're everywhere! Even on your blog. Even on our blog! Let's see here...


And so the Kindle kingdom continues to grow. After starting on a dedicated device and eventually sprawling out onto anything with a screen, apparently now Amazon wants to expand the Kindle's domain from the confines of its apps and out into the web at large. [Amazon]

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I've been reading the Dark Tower series on my Kindle, and I've been annoyed with the Kindle showing illustrations out of order. For example, in the middle of chapter 1 in book 3, there's an illustration of a monster that doesn't appear for two more chapters. Constant spoilers! The illustrations are not in this order in the paperback versions. Does anybody have any information about this?