It's the age old question that has seen nerds gesticulate wildly at each other for decades - Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer. Bat'leth vs. Lightsaber. Vader vs. Kirk. But it turns out there are only winners (that's us) when Star Wars and Star Trek go toe-to-toe in this very silly, very fun trailer mashup.

The trailer is from Alex Luthor - who you might remember from his equally delightful Marvel vs. DC, Marvel vs. DC vs. Star Wars (hoo boy, that's a lot of versus!) and Suicide Squad trailers - and is just the right amount of sci-fi epicness and sort of knowing fun that makes for an exciting few minutes. There's no grandstanding, no declaration that one side is better than the other. It's just a lot of big explosions and ridiculous fun as the worlds of the JJverse Trek and Star Wars combine. Just what you need on a Friday!


[via Radio Times]

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