Knock Out Baby Junk - Week 1

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Parents and parents-to-be and anyone of gestational age: the following are my picks for the best early baby gear. This stuff helped us get through this first week. This isn't must-have stuff, but if you're in the market, consider it v. v. good.


iPhoto and iPhoto Books - - I'm kind of pissed because I ordered three books and before ordering I fixed some typos and the typos showed up in the final versions, but the book and the photos are excellent. Great for grandparents. However, our boy now spent a "fist New Year's Eve at home," which sounds kind of fun, in a Rage Against the Machine kind of way.

Nokia 770 - - This is perfect for mommy. She can breast-feed and email her buddies at the same time. It's a tiny Internet tablet for email and web. Runs the Maemo operating system and plays Doom.


JVC Everio GZ-MG70U - - I'm about to write a hands-on about this thing. It's great. This hard drive-based camcorder is truly the cat's ass. It has 30GB of space for about six hours of video storage. The Mac interface is a bit kludgy because it records into some strange format that must be converted into MPEG4, but the video and photos come out just great. If you're looking for a camera this year, go HD-based and go Everio.

GoodFather - - As a new father, I was not aware that babies shit so much. However, had I browsed the GoodFather Interactive New Daddy educational disk, I would have discovered how to swaddle, change, and feed the monster without incident.

TiVo - - I know, I know... we're waiting for the HD/dual-tuner version to come out as well. But TiVo lets us record all of our porn and watch it LATER, when the boy is in bed. How wonderful.

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