Kodak EasyShare V705 Reviewed (Verdict: Great for Beginners Shooting Wide People)

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An upgrade of the Kodak V610 V570, the EasyShare V705 keeps the line's trademark Retina Dual Lens Technology, which lets you have an ultra wide focus as well as a regular zoom. So how does this 7-megapixel shooter stand up?


Well, besides being still pretty darn sexy, it's light, has 5x zoom (just like the V570 from 10 on the V610) and is fairly compact. But how easy is it to use? Fairly easy, as long as you don't mind the noticeable jump when you switch from the wide angle to normal angle lens and the slow zoom time. It has a limited number of external controls to keep down complexity, but you can only frame your shots using the 2.5-inch LCD—not a big deal since most people use that anyway.

The image quality is above average, and since the camera is a simple point-and-shoot with no control over aperture and shutter speeds, it's targeted toward the novice—a point Kodak pounded home by making the V705 very easy to use.


Review [Photography Blog]

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