KontrolFreek's FPS Freek Controller Add-ons Make Thumbstick Aiming Easier

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KontrolFreek, the company that made the SpeedFreek add-ons to the Xbox 360 controller that we reviewed last year, has a new accessory coming soon called the FPS Freek. It's essentially a snap-on to your controller's thumbsticks, which lengthens them and makes small adjustments in aiming easier. Why is this necessary? IGN Gear says the first 20% of the range of motion is the hardest because of spring resistance, which makes small tweaks to aiming especially difficult.


KontrolFreek also tells us that this product is legal in competition, but there's no notice released officially yet. If you pre-order, you'll get a 20% discount on the $9.95 for two and $17.50 for four. We haven't tested these ourselves, but IGN did take a look at an earlier prototype version and found that it did make the small aiming adjustments (in the first 20% range of motion) easier. We'll have to frag for ourselves. Their target release date is June 1. [KontrolFreek]

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Idiotic... His whole second part of the argument is why FPS games have a "controller sensitivity" option. And his primary argument? Well if your thumbs are so feeble that they hurt from moving the controllers joysticks you have bigger problems my friend...