Kylo Ren's Hot Wheels Car Is Cooler Than his Spaceship

There are no cars in the Star Wars universe—at least as we know them—but Hot Wheels makes a strong case for the next three sequels to consider swapping spaceships for hot rods. Because Kylo Ren’s Hot Wheels character car actually looks way cooler than his spaceship does.

The vehicle’s cockpit draws inspiration from Kylo Ren’s helmet, while it appears as if his cape is flowing back over the car’s rear fender. You’ll also notice Ren’s tri-blade lightsaber represented on either side of his Hot Wheels car that will be available starting tomorrow for $3.50.


BB-8 is also getting the Hot Wheels treatment tomorrow, although with a slightly funkier ride that features a see-through dome cockpit reminiscent of the droid’s spherical body. It will also set you back $3.50 if you find it on store shelves, but we suggest keeping your eyes peeled for Kylo Ren’s ride instead. [Hot Wheels]

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