La Femme: Sur La Planche

La Femme's 2010 self-titled EP is a short and hypnotic album that's a pleasure to listen to, even if you don't understand a word of French. I had the opening track, "Sur la planche" on constant repeat when the album was first released. But then something changed.


When La Femme's full-length, Psycho Tropical Berlin, finally came out in 2013 I noticed something was a bit off. They'd changed the mix of the song ever so slightly. Basically they ruined everything.

On the new record the main guitar riff for "Sur la planche" comes in later, there's a kind of subtle tonal tweaking, and they dialed back the reverb on the vocals. And with that I became a shell of my former self, questioning the existence of justice and sanity in our upside down world. I suppose I'm only half joking.

Now, this is probably one of those cases where I simply got used to the original mix of the song — a song I adored, and even included on the first mix-CD I gave my wife — and can't be an impartial judge of which version might be better. But I'd like to believe that the original version is objectively better because I'd like to believe that we're all just wet robots rather than vulnerable, fragile humans who are easily prone to nostalgia and forever resistant to change.

Above, you can listen to the song with its original mix from the 2010 EP. Let us pretend together that the newer mix doesn't exist. [Spotify, YouTube]



Damn you! I can't stop listening to their album Psycho Tropical Berlin. 5 times now and counting.