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LA Mayor Sings a Sexy Lullaby to Comfort Angelenos About Closing the Freeway

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When LA closes a major freeway for construction, the city usually comes up with scary names for it to keep people off the roads. Carmageddon. Jamzilla. This weekend, the city is taking a different approach. The “101 Slow Jam” not only has a cute name, it has a video starring LA Mayor Eric Garcetti doing his best-worst Barry White.

What is the mayor of the second-largest city in America doing crooning under a downtown LA overpass? The Sixth Street Viaduct, known for its many cinematic appearances, has been diagnosed with concrete cancer and deemed structurally unsafe. So it’s being demolished this weekend, which requires the closing of the 101 Freeway and several other freeways nearby. For 40 hours, traffic will be routed around the construction site while the bridge is demolished from overhead and slowly transformed into this beautiful new bridge over the next few years.

The new multimodal Sixth Street Viaduct designed by Michael Maltzan Associates

Garcetti is well-known for his Instagram account, and not so much for his singing. (Although he is a much, much better singer than New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.) But hey, it got your attention didn’t it? Don’t you consider yourself to be informed?


Personally, though, I think he would have earned a lot more street cred if he had breakdanced the news.

Dude, he’s pretty good.

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