Lady Gaga In Wonderland, An Xbox 360 Robot, Star-Jumping with Elijah Wood, And The Coolest Pool Table Of All Time

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Every week, we round up the best tips that you post in io9's tips forum. This week, we've got Lady GaGa in Wonderland, an Xbox 360 Robot Sculpture, Elijah Wood and the Universe, and much more!

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Tip: Why is Lady Gaga in Wonderland?
Tombie tips us with this...captivating video. Not gonna lie, it's definitely enjoyable. And it makes so much sense!

She clearly belongs there.

Tip: Beautiful, Creepy, and Amazing sculptures by Kris Kuski
Huge thanks to EdificeComplex for letting us know about this brilliant artist.


Another of his sculptures is pictured at the top of this post. They're breathtaking. View Kris Kulski's gallery.

Tip: A dead Xbox 360 becomes a robot
BullfightsOnAcid shows us this amazing mechanical robot that Jasper Stevens, an art student, constructed out of a dead Xbox 360.

Advertisement it an Autobot or Decepticon? More here.

Tip: What is Spider-Man up to these days?
Looks like he's in Jerusalem. Praying. According to BullfightsOnAcid, he's praying for Uncle Ben.


Ok, so the photo was taken on Purim, a Jewish holiday with costumes involved, but I'm pretty sure there this photo is the spark of many fanfictions to come.


Tip: Exploring the Universe with Elijah Wood!
For real? For really real. Thanks, mopeysad001, for the tip!

Tip: The trailer for Legend of the Guardians directed by Watchmen's Zack Snyder!
Huge thanks to CoffinDodger for tipping us!


Tips: You can go inside your very own TARDIS! To hang up your clothes.


Thanks for pointing this out to us, bookwench! Via Topless Robot, order yours here.

Tips: Wolverine is very overprotective of Jean Grey
Tipped by Log1c, this comic from The Perry Bible Fellowship illustrates just how short-tempered Wolverine really is.


Oh, poor Beast...

Tips: The coolest pool table of all time
Thanks, Roklimber!

Tips: If Wes Anderson directed Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring...
I would totally watch this. Thanks, Discodave!