Lady Gaga Visits Google and Says She Always Wanted to be Searchable

At an hour in length, this Lady Gaga sit-down with Google is hardly worktime viewing. But bookmark it for later, and you can see Google's Marissa Mayer chatting to her about her rise in fame—and how Google's helped.


I didn't watch all of it because, well, it's freakin' an hour and 18 minutes long, but according to TechCrunch she recalled that "when I was in high school all my girlfriends wanted to get jobs here, and I wanted to be what they were searching for." Deep stuff, I'm sure. [TechCrunch]



Could you imagine if Flavor-Flav hooked up with Lady Gaga and had Lady Flav or Flavor-Ga? The result would be synergistic, where the creation is far more obnoxious than the some of its obnoxious parts.