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Lamborghini and Intel are partnering to create a line of Lamborghini-branded notebooks. This is a little more involved than the Acer Ferrari notebook deal, because neither Intel nor Lamborghini has a history of manufacturing notebooks. Cars, yes. Chips, sure. Notebooks, nuh uh. The new Lamborghini-Intel laptops will be based on a next generation Centrino platform codenamed "Napa" and will have dual core processors with codename "Yonah." (What is up with all these code names?) "Yonah" will have three technologies incorporated in the design: Intel Digital Media Boost to improve multimedia, Advanced Thermal Manager to manage heat buildup, and Dynamic Power Coordination to optimize the performance of the two processing cores. We couldn't find actual photos or specs of the laptop, but we would be really disappointed if the laptop isn't as sleek and speedy as its namesake.

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