Lame Airline Fires Pilot Just Because He Was Totally Drunk

An Indonesian airline pilot who was recently fired for trying to fly a plane while drunk (YouTube)

We all do stupid things when we’re drunk—like call our exes or buy something we don’t need on eBay. But a pilot for an Indonesian airline was just fired for doing something with the potential for much deadlier consequences. He tried to fly a plane while drunk off his ass. And he nearly succeeded.

The pilot, Tekad Purna, stumbled his way through security, as you can see from the security cam footage above. He was reportedly scheduled to fly an Airbus A320 from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to the capital city of Jakarta.


But do you want to hear the truly astounding part? The pilot actually made it all the way into the cockpit before he was pulled from the flight. There’s even video of him clearly arguing with his co-pilot and other members of the crew.

That’s right, the pilot wasn’t flagged for being drunk as hell while going through security. Passengers reportedly noticed the pilot slurring his words while he was making announcements over the plane’s PA system.


It wasn’t until passengers started demanding to be let off the plane shortly before take-off that the pilot was pulled from the flight. It’s still unclear if the pilot will face other consequences for attempting to fly the plane while intoxicated. The president of the small airline, Citilink, announced that not only was the pilot fired but that he would also resign over the incident.

It could not be confirmed by press time why Citilink is so opposed to their pilots having a good time.

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Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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My uncle was a pilot for air canada. He used to tell stories of flying why shitfaced. There was one flight he has talked about a number of times where he was copilot and he doesn’t remember leaving the bar in vancouver. His memory from that day restarts somewhere over Ontario.