Laptop Burglar Caught After Owner Mocks Him Remotely

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Newsweek's Joshua Alston got his laptop stolen when he was in the shower. Sounds like the beginning of a porn movie, but it's one about detectives. Cyberdetectives that mock their suspects before sending the police.


Alston was showering when he heard a thump. After coming out of the bathroom he noticed all his gadgets missing, including his laptop. Fortunately, he had installed a little program called LogMeIn, which allowed him to securely and remotely log into his notebook. He waited until the thief got online to start getting information that would allow him to pinpoint his location and go to the police.

While some cyberdetectives get to watch porn on the thief's computer, Alston had some fun with him. He deleted any music he uploaded to the system, keep messing around with anything he did and, on April 1st, changed his desktop picture to feature him photoshopped as a lepper.

And all thanks to a remote login program. The moral of the story: Get a waterproof laptop and shower with it. [Newsweek]


i think i would be afraid of the dude coming after me when his sentence is up. so after he spends a week in the clink for stealing my stuff he comes back to my house to mock me. may not be worth the internet fame. or it just might be.