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Guys and gals... what can I say? I've been going over these entries and I'm absolutely delighted. There's so many cool ones and I want to roll through them all, so please bear with us. These are the entries we've found on YouTube. There are currently 117 of them, not counting Charlie and me looking like dopes. If your entry isn't tagged under "gizmodo" please email us at tips @ gizmodo dot com with a subject like YOUTUBE TAGS FIX and inform us that you have modified your tags. Otherwise, this is the pool we're hunting through.

I encourage everyone to take a gander—there are some incredible mini movies in there. Otherwise, we hope to have some finalists before the weekend.


Special thanks to Lenovo/IBM for making you all hungry enough to send in so many excellent entries.

Pop past the jump for some favorites.

Search Results [YouTube]


Remember, friends, when in doubt, get your platonic girlfriends to star in your films.