Laptops to be Banned from US Airlines?

When we wrote about overreacting TSA authorities two days ago, we had no idea they would overreact to our overreaction criticism. Even if they didn't read our post about exploding batteries possibly bringing down a plane or two, they're now about to overreact again, considering banning laptops from all airline flights.

The use of laptop computers on airliners may be banned entirely because of a series of incidents involving overheated batteries, including a May 15 incident in which a laptop caught fire in an overhead luggage compartment as a Lufthansa airliner prepared to leave Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, The Wall Street Journal reported.


As one of our astute commenters so accurately pointed out, there's only a one in 4.2 million chance of a laptop even so much as smoldering on a plane on any given day. That puts the danger level of flying with laptops right up there with being killed by a bee sting. Of course, we all must have complete and total safety at all costs, so that's too big of a chance to take. Ban the laptops! iPods, too, while you're at it! Morons.

Exploding Laptops Worry Air Regulators [The Consumerist]

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