Illustration for article titled Lazy Bows Wrapping Paper: The Only Good Use For 3D Ive Seen So Far

There's no better way to say "I truly hate you" than by giving someone a gift that requires them to wear 3D glasses. But this lazy gift wrap is a brilliant way to show someone you actually care, a little.


I can barely wrap a gift, let along tie a fancy bow on a package. And thanks to this Lazy Bows wrapping paper, I don't have to waste the five seconds it would take to look up an instructional video. You see the paper is already printed with a bow, but in 3D! So when viewed through a set of red and blue glasses, it looks like you've actually taken the time to put a little extra effort into the package you're giving someone. It's the perfect ruse!

Unfortunately like 3D movies the gift wrap does come with a premium price tag, $9 for just a couple of sheets and glasses when it's available in March. But unlike Hollywood blockbusters, at least you're not stuck staring at this for two hours. [Perpetual Kid via The Green Head]


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