Leak: Tegra 2 3D Processor for Mobile Devices Ships This Spring

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A leaked slide from Nvidia's Mobile World Congress presentation has revealed that the 1.2Ghz Tegra 2 3D processor, meant for mobiles featuring 3D screens, wil launch sometime this quarter. Mobile 3D computing for everyone!

Trends seem to indicate our portables will boast 3D in all sorts of ways in the near future, the Nintendo 3DS chief amongst them, so this little leak isn't exactly a surprise.

As Tech Eye reports however, this is not quite the same deal as Nintendo is deploying in the 3DS

It can be reasoned coming mobile handsets will offer a Master Image TN-LCD display using cell parallax, a technology using the individuals cells to create a 3D effect instead of a parallax barrier, as Nintendo will be using in its 3DS console.


That is came so soon after Nvidia was talking up the standard Tegra 2 "super phone" processor at CES is somewhat of a surprise, but what are you going to do. 3D is what's in at the moment. Bring on the 3D mobile devices and inevitably expensive 3D kid's toys by the 2011 holiday season! [Tech Eye - Thanks, James]

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