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Leaked Documents and LTE SIM Show Verizon 4G Launch Is Imminent

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While Verizon's been pretty open about their 4G plans—up to 30 cities and a third of Americans covered this year—there's now some leaked internal documentation showing systems are primed for LTE. They've even got the SIM cards ready:

That's right, a Verizon SIM. As I live and breathe!

The documents over at Engadget show that not only is that 30 city number holding up, Verizon's 4G network will reach real-world speeds of 5-12Mbps (compared to Sprint 4G's 3-6Mbps). It'll hit modems first, then smartphones, then (and this is exciting) tablets.


The downside of all this is that Verizon's using 4G networks as an excuse to switch to tiered data plans, so you can also look at this as a roadmap to some expensive monthly charges. Still, your mouth has to start watering a little at the promise of both the speed and range—and presumably reliability, given that it's Verizon we're talking about—of coverage that we're looking at here. [Engadget]