Leaked Motorola M990 GPS Phone is a Car Phone? Wha?

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Unwired View points out the weirdness in this Motorola M990 Smart Rider GSM phone. Yes, it's got an integrated GPS, EDGE and quad-band GSM, but its description makes it seem like it's tailored for 1993, not 2008.

...with stylish and full features set, it is targeted to a broad band of markets looking for exclusivity like business men, limousines and private cars looking for stylish communication and navigation solution...


So it's a...car phone? [UnwiredView]



For a limo, a car-phone wouldn't be a bad idea. Bigger than a cell phone, so it's easier to hold while you're making sweet deals, and unlimited power so the extras don't kill the battery. But that's for the passengers.

If it's for the driver, it should look 100% like a regular GPS (big screen, no buttons, etc) but with a speaker phone and Bluetooth.

I just wish Motorola would have crashed before all the "krzy phns" had come out. The Razr 2 looks like dog feces.