Learn About Coding with These Ultra Nerdy Playing Cards

Everybody loves playing cards because they’re fun. But as the geeky designers behind code:deck prove, playing cards can be educational, too!

Each of the numbers in a code:deck shows an example of a programming language. The Jack, for instance, is JavaScript and features a snippet of code that defines the cards. Here’s a breakdown of all the numbers and their corresponding programming languages:

  • 2: Assembly
  • 3: Bash
  • 4: C++
  • 5: Brainfuck
  • 6: Python
  • 7: Objective-C
  • 8: C#
  • 9: JAVA
  • 10: PHP
  • Jack: JavaScript
  • Queen: CSS
  • King: HTML
  • Ace: SQL

The cards are all made of chrome matte paper with a UV coating on each side, so they stay fresh and smooth when you shuffle.


With just a snippet, you’re probably not going to learn the entire coding language. But for $10 a deck, you’ll certainly smarten up your local poker game.

[Varianto:25 via Cnet]

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