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Legends of Tomorrow's 100th Episode Just Caught a Captain Cold

Legends of Tomorrow's seventh season will bring Wentworth Miller back for the series' 100th episode.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Wentworth Miller as Leo-X in a coat with a fur hood, expressing his delight at being needed to save the day.
Leo-X (Wentworth Miller) expressing his delight at being needed to save the day.
Screenshot: The CW

Though it’s been some time since Legends of Tomorrow counted villain-turned-begrudging hero Captain Cold among its ranks following his death in the show’s season one finale, it’s never taken all that much for characters to be miraculously resurrected in the CW’s universe of DC superhero shows.

The legacy of Leonard Snart, as he’s also called, has continued to live on in the larger Arrowverse, where he’s known to have become the one of the Legends’ most invaluable members who was willing to sacrifice himself in order to save those he loved. In celebration of Legends of Tomorrow hitting its 100th episode this fall, however, Snart’s due to make a full-on comeback with actor Wentworth Miller reprising the role for an in-universe trip down memory lane.


In a recent interview with TVLine, Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Phil Klemmer explained how the upcoming season seven episode will revolve around Gideon, the artificial intelligence controlling Legends’ ship, as it reminiscences about some of the adventures it’s gone on over the years. It made the most sense for the retrospective episode to be from Gideon’s point of view, Klemmer explained, because out of all the Legends, it’s the one with the most perfect recall who was simply there for everything.

“Obviously, Sara Lance has been there from the very beginning, but she’s just a person,” Klemmer said. “There were things that she missed. And so, we were really excited about going back through the seasons and sort of tracking the evolution of the show and doing that through Gideon’s eyes.”


In season seven, Gideon’s also set to gain a new physical humanoid form portrayed by actor Amy Louise Pemberton, who has voiced the character in past seasons, and it’s likely that Gideon’s memories of the past will factor into the story of how it gains its new body. It’s going to be interesting to see how much of the upcoming episode goes the route of Marvel’s What If?, more or less simply revisiting moments that viewers already know—or if it’ll put more energy into revealing things that, previously, only Gideon was privy to.

Legends of Tomorrow’s seventh season premieres on October 13.

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