What Are Some of Lego's Greatest Hits?

Today is Lego's 90th anniversary! Sure, that might make you feel old, but I bet it brings back some memories.

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Image: The Lego Group

It’s gotten to that point where most of us either had a few Lego sets as kids or played with them at our friends’ houses. Besides the classic blocks there’s been a lot of interesting takes on the building series. Remember Bionicle? There was a whole animated television series dedicated to those weird lil guys.

Lego were first produced as wooden blocks in 1932, and in 1947 Lego started to manufacture the toys in plastic. It began making set themes like space, Vikings, and the Wild West in the ‘50s, and expanded into franchises later on. Some of the most beloved Lego sets are massive Star Wars builds, but everyone’s got their own personal favorite.

So here’s the question: what’s your favorite thing about Lego? Do you have a memory of building them with your parents? Destroying your sibling’s creations? Maybe there’s one particular build that holds a special place in your heart. Or, perhaps, you have a very excellent minifig collection that you’re just dying to show off.


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