Lego House May Face Very Real Wrecking Ball In 24 Hours

Illustration for article titled Lego House May Face Very Real Wrecking Ball In 24 Hours

No doubt you were impressed by the two story Lego house built by Top Gear's James May and 1000 volunteers. Unfortunately, the pictures may be all that's left unless they can find a buyer in the next 24 hours.

Initially Legoland planned to buy the house, but that deal fell through because it was deemed too expensive to move. Now Top Gear is reaching out to fans via their website in the hopes that someone, somewhere will be willing to pony up the £50,000 or $81,000 it will take to dismantle and rebuild the structure. Unfortunately, their Monday deadline seems to have already passed, and there is no word on whether or not a buyer was found. Their only hope is that Jesus Diaz will call in at the 11th hour. [Top Gear via BBC News]

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Heck, man. Half the fun of building something out Legos is knocking it to pieces, right?

Look, all I'm saying is, regardless of whether or not I want this to happen...there needs to be video.