With Lego already making loads of official Minecraft playsets, you’d think the company would avoid stepping on the insanely popular building game’s toes. But apparently that’s not the case, because today Lego Worlds was officially announced, and the only real difference between playing it and Minecraft is that you get to build with actual Lego pieces. So long, Minecraft.

Described by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The Lego Group as a “limitless collection of procedurally generated worlds”, Lego Worlds lets players customize giant pre-built landscapes, assemble their own brick by brick, or use special tools that make it easier to create giant structures in the game.

In addition to building worlds, players will also be able to customize Minifigures, unlock vehicles and animals, and even have access to real world Lego sets right in the game. The satisfaction of assembling all those plastic bricks by hand might be gone, but players could amass quite a virtual Lego collection without needing a basement full of shelves to display them.

Lego Worlds is available on STEAM Early Access starting today for gamers eager to try an official Lego Minecraft-like experience, and don’t mind tip-toeing around various bugs while the game move towards a wider release.


However, it’s important to note that the game doesn’t currently include multiplayer support, meaning you won’t be able to share your creations with friends, or download someone else’s meticulously-assembled world. This is one of the features that made Minecraft so incredibly popular, so why doesn’t Lego Worlds have it from day one? Maybe it has something to do with the problems the company had keeping Lego Universe free of penises so that it remained a friendly place for kids—it could very well be a problem that hasn’t actually been solved yet. [Steam]

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