Lenovo Made An Automatic Removal Tool For Its Adware Mess

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Lenovo's pre-installation of the Superfish adware is one of the biggest fuck-ups the company could have made, but at least it's cleaning up fairly quickly: it created a custom uninstall tool to clean your computer of the program and its certificates, and in a responsibly transparent move, also posted the source code and license of the removal tool for scrutiny.


If you're running any Lenovo computer (or even if you just think you might've accidentally installed Superfish) it's worth testing your machine to check if it's infected. As a reminder: Superfish might look like it's just annoying adware, but a side result of the way it works makes you vulnerable to phishing attacks and fake websites.


Other good news: the latest update of Windows Defender also stripped out Superfish and the certificates it left behind, so hopefully, anyone with a functioning internet connection should be patched. [Lenovo]

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A decent response, but it's too little, too late. The fact that anybody at Lenovo ever thought Superfish was a good idea says a lot more than this does.