Lensbaby's lenses add a lot of unique effects and even more fun to your photography experience. Today Canon users can grab the Pro Effects Kit which features 3 lenses, macro converters, and more for $100 off the regular price. [Lensbaby Pro Effects Kit, $629]

Nikon users aren't being left out though, the Composer Pro Lens, which includes the usual accessories, is discounted about $60 off the going rate. [Lensbaby Composer Pro, $242]

Verizon and Sprint customers can pick up the Samsung Galaxy S5 for $100 today. Based on the Gizmodo review, this is the new best Android phone for a lot of people, especially if you value battery life and picture quality, which you should. [Galaxy S5 $100 on Verizon and Sprint]

Yet another great TV deal today, this Sharp is a great buy for those who put a lot of value on 240Hz and don't need anything larger than 60". [Sharp Acquos Q+, $1498]

Update: Abt has this set for even cheaper at $1297 + shipping. Amazon will match their price and then give you 2% back in rewards on top.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Limited Edition is up for pre-order now, $40 off the list price and with Amazon's pre-order price guarantee. No charge until August when it ships. For comparison The Walking Dead Season 3 LE is still going that price now, when it's available. [Walking Dead Season 4 LE, $91]

The Looney Tunes Golden Collection features over 350 of the best and most influential cartoons ever, plus piles of extras. It's $48 today only. [Looney Tunes Golden Collection, $48]



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