Leopard's Multiple Dashboard Features

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Although this new patent by Apple may not make it into Leopard, it probably means we're going to get some new Dashboard features sometime in the near future. If you can remember back to last year's WWDC, where the multi-desktop "Spaces" feature was demoed, you won't be that surprised when you see where Apple's going with this.


The patent shows a cube with Dashboard widgets on each side, being shown as the cube rotates. The cube doesn't have to be a cube—it can be any 3D shape. This, combined with Spaces, should give the user a feeling of having much more room to maneuver than he actually has.


Other stuff revealed in the patent have to do with Dashboard organization and configuration, so you can take a look at that if you're a big fan of widgets. Or patent drawings.

Apple patent details multiple Dashboards in 3D [MacNN]

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Guys, stop with the copycat/Beryl crap. Apple used the cube first, back in 2003 with Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) for fast user switching, check the image in Wikipedia:


As well as Apple's old Panther features page (look at the bottom pictures):


As for "Looking Glass":

1. It *never* had a cube with desktops mapped to the faces! Instead, you could rotate the windows horizontally and put them "on the side", so at most you could argue that you where "inside" a cube, but it still didn't let you actually switch to other sides.

2. It reached 1.0 status just a few *months* ago, it was vaporware/nothing more than a barely usable tech demo until then.