Lesbian Captain Uses A Glittering Whip To Keep Her Crew In Line [NSFW]

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Captain Mother knows how to keep order on her ship: with a silvery glitter-covered flogger and a bad attitude, in this awesome sequence from the 1968 exploitation movie Space Thing. Click through for two more eye-bleeding clips. (It's very NSFW.)

We featured Space Thing in our roundup of the most embarrassing mating sequences of all time, but it deserves its own post. Steve Vincent is James Granilla, a man who's reading science fiction in bed with his wife. She, of course, just wants him to stop reading and pay attention to her, leading to this ridiculous sequence. Do you have any clue whatsoever what James is talking about here?


James then falls asleep, and the rest of the movie is his dream about space exploration, which — weirdly, considering how badly he didn't want to have sex before — is all about having nonstop sex. He winds up having sex with all of the women in Captain Mother's crew, including Captain Mother herself. And then he has this unforgettable confrontation with another male crewman, who's jealous that none of these women wanted to have sex with him. I love the random naked chick being like, "Hey, you disintegrated him!" and the other naked chick wandering into the frame and saying "Aww, he had it coming."