Let's all get blotto in Being Human's blood sex pit!

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After last's weeks bump of an episode, we're happy to report that Being Human is back — and zippy as ever. This week was stuffed to the ghost gills with sex, blood, and yet another wonderful "historical vampire" flashback. Hooray for sepia-toned blood suckers!


So many nice surprises this episode. But most importantly King Golden Haired is back — Bishop! It felt like Mark Pellegrino stepped on set, and the entire cast and crew thought, "Oh shit, Daddy's home." No more pussy-footing around with boring vampire lip-service. Bishop may be a figment of Aidan's imagination, but he's already got the dimple-chinned-one throwing spikes under his own vampire baby creation! That's how things roll in Pellegrino-town, and thank Sam Huntington's frontal lobe cowlick for that.

But the best part of this episode wasn't learning that Aidan loved Henry (we got that) or even the flashback. The best part was watching Aidan get completely blotto on human juice, and spit blood all over his sex pit. As we all do from time to time in our respective sex pits.

Crazed by the red sauce, Aidan starts to see Bishop, which makes Aidan act like this (see video).

It's just some wonderful stuff right. Later on, Aidan gets drunk AGAIN, and I swear to the almighty were-cowlick kid, the jokes aren't even that funny — but I laughed. Oh, how I laughed. Perhaps this is just more evidence that pretty people can make obnoxious behavior endearing. I think that's why so many puppies have survived as long as they have — with the amount of urine I see leaking out of their bodies, it's a wonder. But I digress.

And here he is, really drunk.

So what was the whole point of this bender, besides humor? Not sure. Perhaps it's to show that Aidan is at his breaking point, but he certainly doesn't seem to have bottomed out yet. Keep on keeping on, this is endlessly more entertaining than talking about spurned vampire love politics. And if that means at some point, Henry and Aidan are going to kiss, then SO BE IT.

Moving on, in other news Josh grew a pair and used his connections with the vampire police lady (he knows who she is?) to barter a deal with the fangers. Two pure bloods to make Nora's ex-boyfriend's murder simply disappear. Honestly, I loved watching Josh drink his first beer and use big words like NO. BUT... I have to think that maybe (since the ex was eaten by wolves) the wolf attack might get cleared up as a wolf attack. Ah well, I like the fact that the vamps now own Josh, and that Josh is ready to kill two people to get crazy old Nora back. Who wants to bet Nora dies this season and Josh really loses it?

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And finally, Sally's Mom is dead and the worst. I know "finding out your parents are secretly assholes" are a big part of growing up, but Sally was DEAD. He mother could have at least pretended to be excited to see her. I never really bought it. However I did buy that all she wanted to do was have ghost sex with her neighbor who is also dead. So I guess that whole character is going nowhere soon? Sucks for Sally, more lasagna for Josh we guess.

Until next week, I'll see you in the sex pit.

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5 things travel through my mind as well as the preview of next week's episode:

1) Josh will kill Vamp cop(or one of the wolves) when he figures out that the Vamps or the Wolves kill Nora.

2) Sally's mom will save her from the reaper by sacrificing herself(or do nothing and be a fart in the character notes....she really didn't bring anything to the table).

3)Aidan is actually not just imagining Bishop, but Henry as well.

Guessing it could be because of the shock of the vampire princess.

4)Josh will go berserker in public with the other wolves and he will kill all of them, including Nora.

5)Sally fights the reaper with the suicide kid, suicide kid sacrifices himself, reaper is sent to the gates of hell in the most metal way ever.....Or the most "Frighteners" way ever.

I just want Josh to trully become a Big Bad Wolf instead of the skinny one.....Look and compare to the other wolves, hell, Nora is more powered up than he is...Well, in my opinion.