Let's Golf 2: Fore!

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In the real world, golf is the game you play between attempts to drift a golf cart. I'm sure dressing like you're going to world's blandest ska show while swinging a stick is fun. But it's funner (that's a word) when you you can level up your balls in a video game based on golf.

What's it do?

Play in locations like Mount Olympus and Africa while dressing your character is ridiculous gear. I say ridiculous because golf clothing in ridiculous without a video game pointing it out. Enhance your game with sticky balls, rewind mode, and being able to stop the ball at will. Like a golf-playing Jedi. Each character has his or her own special power. Hop into career mode and hope that it doesn't end with an SUV hitting a tree in the middle of the night.


Why do we like it?

Golf games are awesome. Mario Golf, Hot Shots Golf, Super Stickman Golf, and let's throw Let's Golf 2 on to that pile. The controls are pretty standard for all golf games, but it's still better than hanging with your father-in-law at 6am at the local course. Find another Windows Phone 7 friend and you can battle for links supremacy either locally or online.


Let's Golf 2

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