Illustration for article titled Levitate Your Stereo Like All Real Audiophiles Do With the Zero Gravity Shelf

Why does your home stereo system sound like shit? Because it's not floating on magnets, of course. With the Zero Gravity shelf, your stereo gains powers of levitation that would be better applied to just about anything else.


Minute vibrations are keeping you from enjoying your home audio at its full potential. That lost fidelity can be reclaimed, however, with some help from the visionaries at Moon Audio. By using high powered magnets to float your stereo on a thin bed of air, their Zero Gravity shelf will "improve the sound of almost any component." Except for maybe VCRs.

The price tag on the Zero Gravity is $500, which, Moon Audio will have you know, is quite cheap for this sort of thing. So if in a moment of weakness you actually buy this shelf, at least you can take solace in the fact that someone else out there spent more for their levitating stereo contraption. [Moon Audio]

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