Levitating Functional Lightbulb? Wtf?

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This is the truth. Another one of those MIT Ph.D. junkies has actually made this happen. I would try to explain how it works in my own way, but trying to figure out this jazz would probably make my brain turn to goo and drain out of my ears. Read it for yourself.

Lightbulb uses a special bulb, inside which magnets and circuitry are hidden. Using a magnetic hall effect sensor, an electromagnet, and a [modified] PD feedback system, it floats a lightbulb stably in the air, while power is transmitted wirelessly from the base of the sculpture into the bulb. LEDs in the bulb rectify this AC power and convert it to light.


Legit? Possible? The demonstration pictures look a little rendered, but the website says videos should be coming soon. Any levitating electrical engineers out there to shed some "light" on this? Admit it, you laughed at my pun.

Levitating Lightbulb [Bea.st]

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