LG Introduces Breathalyzer In Cellphones

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These people look way too happy to be getting their BAC calculated. Slow down on those vodka and tonics, mkay folks? Anyways, LG has introduced breathalyzers into the LG-SD410, LG-KP4100 and LG-LP4100 cellphones. You breathe into the phone and it'll let you know how intoxicated you are. Simple enough right? Wrong. I was testing a model out last night after drinking a whole bottle of Jack and when I vomited all over the phone. In fact, it didn't calculate anything! I tried again but dropped the phone 4 times before I got it. The screen didn't say anything as the battery started to fall out, so I took it as an A-OK for me to get behind the wheel. Seriously, props to LG for this though. Every college student needs a breathalyzer phone along with a HotOrNot detector for late night Frat party hook-ups.

LG's phone with breath analyzer [Akihabara]


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