LG KF700 Touchscreen Cellphone Spotted

The chaps at Unwired View spotted this poster up at one of the locations for next week's Mobile World Congress 2008. The image shows a sexy LG number, sporting the KF700 moniker. We agree with the folks at Unwired View; the KF700 looks like it will be a fully touchscreen handset as it appears too compact to boast a QWERTY keyboard, but as we cannot see the depth, we may very well be wrong. Other than the speculation, there is nothing else to comment on. Well, at least our appetites have now been moistened—bring on the show. Update: We've just snagged some more shots of the KF700 from Mobileburn; it looks like the KF700 does have a slide out keypad after all. Checkout more shots after the jump.


[Unwired View; Mobileburn]

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