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LG Sticking With HD DVD: Dual Format Players to Ease the Pain

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Seeing ponies where Toshiba sees death, LG isn't letting go of HD DVD just yet. They're going to keep popping out dual format HD DVD/Blu-ray players (launching new ones even), scraping up the remaining dregs of HD DVD and easing HD DVD adopters' transition into this brave new Blu world. It might seem like they missed the memo, but if you ask who's crying now, it's not anyone with a dual format player.


"LG believes that at this present moment in time, it is necessary to provide a player which supports both formats and therefore create simplicity and convenience for the existing HD DVD consumer."

"With the recent announcement from Toshiba, Blu-Ray will now be the format that will pave the way for high definition movies, however this does not rule out HD DVD immediately as there are still a number of consumers who have chosen HD DVD and begun to build a HD DVD collection."

"Overall LG is still excited about the future of this market, LG has always set out to lead high definition players and will continue to do so with more technology evolutions and hybrids which will launch in due course."



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Well, it would be nice if they continue with this. As it stands, I have an HD-DVD player, 10 HD-DVDs I got for free and one HD-DVD box set (Blade Runner) which, for all intents and purposes, is the only reason I'm not getting rid of my player, and I'm going to buy a PS3 at some point very soon.

However, my HD-DVD player is going to croak some day, and that's the only thing I fear. If some company... any company continues to make hybrid players for a while, then they can count on at least one customer to buy their product in the near future.