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LG Voyager Rap: Prepare to Cringe

I died a little inside after watching this fanboy rap video touting the benefits of owning the soon-to-be-released Verizon Voyager. It has everything —including multiple references Britney Spears. Hell, even the Amish can't escape its wrath. Watch at your own risk. [ via Wired]


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lG voyager:

HTML browser: still waiting to see that. full V CAST-capabilities: is 15 dollars extra a month, not to mention a data plan another 15 dollars and vz navigator which cost 9.99 including V CAST Mobile TV extra again and you cant watch your own videos only the one on v cast.

V CAST Music 1.99 per song. third party apps are out the window. ui kinda lame from what ive seen. ringtones 2.99 each. its still pretty thick probably because of the keyboard. speaking of which i type just as fast with my iphone as i did with my env so its not that bad.

now the good

3g network

2.0 megpixel cam/ camcorder


mp3 player multi formats

QWERTY keypad

tactikle feed back from touch screen

99% of this is on the env anyways except mobile tv