LG9200 Qwerty Phone, Etc.

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LG dumped a bunch of phones today including the 9200, a hot little qwerty phone with VGA camera.

Also available are the LG500, a dedicated music phone with controls on the face, and the LG8100, a 1.3-megapixel EVDO flip-phone. Finally, there's the 3G LG320 smartphone and the entry level PM-225 and C2000.

Generally it looks like a nice strong line-up, especially the music phone. People are running scared as the iTunes phone approaches, which is why these things are dropping so quickly this summer.


Livingroom.org.au has all of them:

UPDATE - Bad bad Livingroom.org.au! You stole Sascha's pix!

Here's the real deal from PC Magazine.

LG Evolves Its Mobile Phones [PC Magazine]