LG's HS102 Projector Has Divx Player Aboard, 2-Hour Battery

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Projectors, unless they're of the mini- or HD-kind tend to have me thinking "meh..." apart from LG's new HS102. 'Cause though it has just 800 x 600 native resolution with switchable 4:3/16:9 ratios, it's got Phlatlight LED illumination tech that gives it a 2,000:1 contrast ratio and 150 lumen brightness and it's got a Divx player (playing files from USB-attached storage, it seems) built right into it. And there's a rechargeable battery jammed in there too, making this projector portable in the real sense, since it'll run for two hours unplugged. Out in South Korea for around a $555 equivalent, there's no word on when it'll hit these shores. [Naver via Zoomgadget]



150 Lumen? What's with all of these new low Lumen projectors? 150 Lumen is next to useless IMO. If it was Oh.. say 1500 Lumen while plugged and 150 on battery, that would be decent.

IMO, even 1500 Lumen is way under powered. These "Home theater" projectors with 600 and 800 Lumen are really going to disappointed people when they realize that they have to be used in the dead of night with all the blinds closed and absolutely no lights on.