LG's Ludicrous 8K TV Is Too Insane For My Eyes To Handle

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4K is for losers. The real mind-blowing screens at this CES are the giant 8K prototypes that will seriously blast your eyeballs. I just saw LG's 98-inch 4K-times-four OLED screen, and yes, it was absolutely insane. I'm not sure exactly how insane though because my eyes just aren't good enough.

I don't even know how to describe. Imagine if the highest resolution screen you've ever seen squeezed down to fit inside itself. There's 4K in the 4K, pixels too minute to imagine, much less see. The result is a vibrant punch to the eyes. It looks like 4K but with the volume turned up. 4K but betterer, with an extra level of razor sharp detail I'm pretty sure is there but god damn it where did I put my glasses? If you're bummed the pictures can't give you the real experience, don't worry; I'm not sure my eyes could. It's the definition of uncanny.


The bonkers resolution is the showstopping spec here, but there's more too it than just that. LG has a whole bunch of buzzwordy technologies at work on this maniacal panel. ColorPrime Nano Spectrum. ULTRA Luminescence. MoNdoViSiOn. OK, maybe I made one of those up. But whatever they all do, it works, and with the OLED screen—Samsung's 8K panel, by comparison, rocks an LED—the blacks are deep enough to fall into.


8K screens are a party trick. An amazing one, but years off from being anywhere. LG won't or can't give even theoretical pricing on a prototype but this would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. And you think the dearth of 4K content is bad? There's a reason they're just looping close-ups of fruit; there's not much else out there.

It's incredible, absurd, obscene, beautiful. I want to just put my eyes on the screen. Are those pixels even there? The man with the nametag promises they are but he won't let me close enough to see for myself.