LifeLock's Wallet App Will Nuke Your Data Due to Security Concerns

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LifeLock announced in a blog post that the company's Wallet app for Android and iOS may not be fully compliant with PCI security standards. Because of this, LifeLock has pulled the app—and set it to automatically delete users' data the next time it's opened. Talk about a thorough cleaning.


On his blog, LifeLock CEO Todd Davis assured users that the company has found no evidence that user data was compromised. Still, the discovery that the app isn't as secure as it could be drove the company to delete all the app's user data from its servers, and take the unusual step of making the app self-destruct user data when it's opened on a smartphone. The problem is said not to affect subscribers of LifeLock's other services.

That's gotta be an inconvenience for LifeLock Wallet users, who've likely spent months getting all their credit card and banking info imported into the app. But if you were looking for a decisive answer to security concerns, it doesn't get much stronger than that. A TNW reader suggests putting your phone in Airplane mode if you need one last look at your data before it self-destructs, though given the problem it's probably a good idea to let the auto-nuke do its thing. [LifeLock via Electronista; TNW]

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I'm so glad they bought the Lemon app to ruin it like this. Yay.