Illustration for article titled LifeView SkyChat Puts Skype Calls and Land Lines on Equal Footing

LifeView just rolled out a black box it calls SkyChat, and it lets you mix up regular old phone lines with Skype calls. It has a call waiting function that switches between landline calls and Skype, and can join two calls for a three-way conference, too. Plus, it can show you caller ID info with Skype calls.


This little black box does even more. It can forward calls from both Skype and your landline to a mobile phone or any other phone number, or forward your landline calls to a Skype contact. It also has voice mail with remote access. Hook it up with SkypeOut and save yourself a few bucks. Sounds like it could pay for its $69 price after just a few months. It'll be available in March.

LifeView Site [Animation Technologies Inc.]

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